Policies and Procedures

Mission Statement:

Knob Hill Library is part of the San Marcos Unified School District which is an innovative and collaborative community dedicated to providing an unparalleled education experience. Through an engaging and supportive environment, all our students are challenged, inspired, and poised to excel.

Borrowing Policies:

1st-3rd graders are allowed to check out 1 book at a time, 4th-5th graders are allowed to check out 2 books at a time. Whether returning or renewing, students must have the books they have checked out with them on their library day.

When a student forgets a book, they aren't allowed to check out another one until that book is returned. Students will receive a #1 next to their name the first time they forget, a #2 the second time, and once they get a #3 they will miss a recess. Instead they will spend time with their classroom's Buddy Class in the hopes that this consequence will remind him/her to remember their book each week.

Lost library books can be taken care of in two different ways. Either the student replaces the copy of the same title in hardcover or the student can pay the amount due either by exact cash or checks made out to "Knob Hill Elementary." Money or the replacement book is returned to the Knob Hill Library so students can resume checking out books.

Collection Development Policy:

Responsibility for the selection of library materials is delegated to library staff through the principal. Professional selection aids and standards, in accordance with law, board policy, and administrative procedures shall be used in evaluating materials. The selection process shall invite recommendations from administrators, teachers, other staff, parents/guardians, and students as appropriate.

 Library materials should be continually evaluated in relation to evolving curricula, new formats of materials, new instructional methods, and the needs of students and teachers. Materials that contain obsolete subject matter or are no longer appropriate shall be removed, and lost or worn materials may be replaced if possible. Complaints regarding the appropriateness of library materials shall be addressed using the procedure for complaints regarding instructional materials.

 The Governing Board expects school library media centers to nurture intellectual growth by providing:
1. Materials that support and enrich the curriculum, taking into consideration students' varied interests, abilities, maturity levels and learning styles.
2. Materials that foster knowledge, literary appreciation, aesthetic values and ethical standards.
3. Information that enables students to make intelligent judgments in their daily lives and learn, with guidance, how to analyze and think critically about what they read.
4. Materials which realistically depict our pluralistic society and reflect the contributions of various religious, ethnic, and cultural groups.

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