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Hello Hawk Musicians!


Mrs. Amanda M. Furr
Visual & Performing Arts Dept.
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Thank you to the SMUSD School Board for finding a solution and saving elementary music!!

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KH Students on KSON in 2016! Listen here!

KH Choir on KUSI Songs of the Holiday Season in 2016!  Listen here! (2017 was never posted by KUSI)


Montano 2015-2016

Students at Knob Hill Elementary receive 40 minutes of performing arts (including music, drama, dance) each week with a full-time, credentialed music teacher thanks to SMUSD's commitment to performing arts education! Lessons include world music, singing, playing Orff instruments, rhythm exercises, listening activities, games, dancing, drama, playing recorders, evaluating music, and performances.

Music curriculum at Knob Hill is primarily based on MusicPlay by Denise Gagne. MusicPlay is a play based music program and includes singing, games, Orff, dance, listening, and much more!

My lessons are planned using the National Core Arts Standards and the California Music Content Standards and encourage students to work together, listen thoughtfully, and play and create music without fear of failure.

Patriotic Songs!

Students at Knob Hill learn and perform a patriotic song each month. We perform songs at each Hawk High Flyer flag salute.  Our next song is We Are American on November 2nd @ 8:45am!

Mrs. Furr

I want to thank all the students, staff, teachers, parents, PTO, the school board, Matt Armstrong, and the Elementary VAPA team for their continued support for music at Knob Hill Elementary School. Together we make beautiful music!

~~ Mrs. Amanda M. Furr